Phase 1:

Prepared Launching SHIBO Token Meme

• Develop a well-structured and secure smart contract for SHIBO token.

• Create an appealing and engaging website with details about the project, team, and tokenomics.

• Establish active social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc.) to build a community around SHIBO.

• Conduct a fair and transparent token presale/initial liquidity offering (ILO) to distribute tokens to early supporters.

Phase 2:

Push Marketing

• Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase awareness and visibility of SHIBO token.

• Collaborate with influencers and meme communities to drive organic growth and viral marketing.

• Run targeted ad campaigns across various platforms to reach a wider audience.

• Engage in partnerships with other meme tokens or DeFi projects to cross-promote each other.

Phase 3:

Buy Back and Add Liquidity for Stable Floor

• Allocate a portion of the project's funds for regular token buybacks to create a stable price floor.

• Utilize the bought-back tokens to add liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to enhance trading stability.

• Publish transparent reports on buyback transactions and liquidity additions to gain trust from the community.

Phase 4:

Push CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

• Apply for listing on major cryptocurrency data platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

• Actively engage with these platforms to provide all necessary
information and support for a timely listing.

• Leverage the listing on these platforms to increase visibility and credibility for SHIBO.

Phase 5: Audit

• Conduct a comprehensive smart contract audit by a reputable blockchain security firm.

• Address and rectify any vulnerabilities or issues found during the audit.

• Share the results of the audit with the community to instill confidence in the token's security.

Phase 6:

CEX Listing

• Work towards getting SHIBO listed on reputable centralized exchanges (CEXs).

• Negotiate listing fees and requirements with the selected exchanges.

• A successful CEX listing can significantly increase liquidity and accessibility for investors.

Phase 7:

New Roadmap

• Develop an updated and detailed roadmap for the future development of SHIBO.

• Include new features, partnerships,
and expansion plans in the updated roadmap.

• Share the new roadmap with the community to keep them informed and engaged.

Remember that roadmaps are subject to change based on market conditions and project progress. Regularly communicate with the community,
listen to feedback, and adapt the roadmap accordingly.
Transparency and community involvement are key to building a successful meme token project.